Saturday, August 25, 2012

Manchester United - Live Forever

This is another video of Manchester United by aditya reds and it looks great... :)

Manchester United - 2012-13 Promo

This is one of the best video i found out on Youtube by aditya reds. It looks really great ...:)  With the addition of Van persie and Kagawa the squad looks great... :)

Lets see... :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Backheel Goal vs Rayo And Messi Goal vs. Atletico

I have to write about it.. Its been many days but i just couldn't stop... Some great skills showed on this weekend by both messi and ronaldo. Any guesses who's goal was the best one...?Both were the goal which gave the respective team some wins."A Backheel is always different. It was a great goal but i' am not sure if it was the best of my career, I have to see it again on TV, the most important thing is the victory and the points"Ronaldo said after the match.

I dont think messi have anything to say about that as it is just speechless... :)Both are great but i liked messi a bit more on this time... :) U.....?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spanish la liga

What will be the final result of la liga...?

Whether real madrid's lead is enough...? Or is there any other drama...

Many things are at stake.... mourinho's tactics.... pep talent... messi & barca consistancy or the start of new real galactico era....

will wait and watch... :)


hi, I am back after a year... :)

Who will win this season of premier league....? One question i am thinking for this whole season...

It may be either Manchester city or Manchester United... Whoever wins the other club will be facing heavy criticism... Man utd will be with no trophies if they wont win the EPL...

the deciding match will be derby on old trafford...

Will see soon... :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

English Premier League

EPL: This is one of the best season in the Premier League in recent years as there is a chance of winning for nearly 6 teams unlike earlier only top two reams will fight.
Arsenal have the chance of going to top and win the trophy if they win all their majority home games and with the low level games.
Manchester city having spent hundreds of million finally looking good but if they have to win the cup they have to win against Big clubs as there have been slips here and there.
Tottenhalm have been very impressive in recent years as they are a team to watch and they still have the good chance of making into to the top if they continue the present form.
Chelsea having lost many matches consecutively are coming out of it and after two consecutive wins certainly give them the boost. With the arrival of Torres team looks different and we have to wait and watch.
Finally the only unbeaten team in the EPL and surpassing the club record of 29 matches Manchester United. They are 5 points ahead of second placed arsenal which gives them clear advantage to win this season. with Rooney scoring in the last game will have an extra edge over other teams if he continues.
But overall the league depends how the top six teams will fight each other when it really matters.

English Premier League

EPL: First half of EPL is over and even the Transfer market also finished. we have to see after so many rumors and so many shocking transfers what will be the outcome of the season.
The most talked news is about the fate of Torres. Finally Torres is moved out of Liverpool and the club is its rival Chelsea.
Many believed that he will stay after Danglish took over. But it seems he is happy with the move and chance to play in the champions league. There have been other news which are surrounding are mainly two Strikers BUY by the Liverpool in place Torres and chlesea bought one Defender.